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Find Your Groove

Welcome to a revolutionary program where you can delve deep into songwriting, refine your skills as a session musician, and learn to create and edit your own recordings guided by an expert producer. Discover the science and art of audio engineering as you craft your own masterpiece, that you can proudly upload to platforms like iTunes and Spotify! 

The beauty of this program lies in its simplicity: the studio and producer rate remains constant, but the services vary from session to session based on your personal goals. You have the freedom to choose your own experience, keeping your interest high and your creativity flowing. This tailored approach ensures a well-rounded education and exploration process, allowing you to address areas that need attention or explore further, the topics that captivate your interest. 

In your complimentary one-on-one session with Anthony, he'll evaluate your current status, identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and musical goals swiftly. He enjoys casual, down-to-earth conversations and looks forward to meeting you!


Your Producer

With an impressive 18 years of professional experience, Anthony Blaine brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As a seasoned producer, he has worked with hundreds of bands and artists, leaving a trail of timeless music in his wake. Beyond the studio, Anthony has graced stages internationally as a skilled guitar player and singer, captivating audiences with his musical prowess.

Additionally, his certification as a Royal Conservatory of Music classical piano teacher speaks volumes about his dedication to excellence in musical education.
Yet, amidst his many achievements, Anthony's greatest passion lies in guiding individuals along their unique musical journeys. Whether someone is looking to explore music as a hobby or forge a career in the industry, Anthony is committed to helping them find their own path. With his guidance, any level of aspiring musicians can unlock their potential, discover their true passions, and carve out their place in the world of music. 
Join Anthony Blaine on a transformative musical adventure, where every note resonates with purpose.



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Anthony Blaine's Approach to Artist Development

1. Cultivating Humble Growth

In the vibrant world of music, where egos often overshadow talent, Anthony Blaine offers a refreshing approach at AB Records Inc. His program emphasizes humble growth, self-awareness and providing honest feedback to equip artists with a meaningful and grounded approach. With a focus on continuous learning and improvement, Anthony ensures that every individual embarks on their musical adventure with humility and grace.

2. Empowering Creativity

At the core of Anthony's philosophy is the nurturing of musical passion. He understands that maintaining the spark of creativity is crucial amidst the technicalities and demands of the craft. By encouraging students to explore their passions freely and without the weight of perfectionism, Anthony creates a supportive environment where creativity blossoms. He encourages you to remember why you fell in love with music in the first place, because THAT is the fuel for the soul of every aspiring musician on their journey to musical greatness.

3. Dynamic Learning

Anthony's dynamic approach to learning isn't just about breaking away from rigid structures; it's about unleashing your full potential. By bypassing filler information and diving straight into your passions, you're not only engaged from the start but also able to explore and experiment freely. This approach acknowledges that interests evolve, allowing you to seamlessly transition between different aspects of music creation as your journey unfolds. With Anthony's program, you're not just following a preset path – you're actively shaping and defining your musical identity, fueled by the excitement of discovery and the freedom to pursue what truly resonates with you.

4. Musical Maturity

Through personalized mentorship and immersive exercises you will find yourself  engaged in targeted practice sessions, gaining insights into refining your technical abilities and discovering your artistic identity. Anthony goes beyond skill development, offering guidance on overcoming stage fright, becoming a responsible and dependable working musician, effective communication of ideas within a workshop, and navigating personal dynamics within your group. His program prioritizes adaptability, enabling artists to navigate challenges with resilience and self-awareness. With a steadfast commitment to fostering creativity and excellence, his guidance serves as a transformative catalyst, equipping students to set and achieve realistic goals.


Music Lessons (Voice/Piano/Guitar)

Learn to read sheet music and guitar tab, practice rudiments and scales, perform your own version of your new favorite song. Having had 50+ students in the past, and worked with hundreds of recording artists, Anthony knows well how to find your best type of learning (by ear, memorization, visual) and bring out your strengths while trimming those bad habits. With voice lessons, the focus is on your phrasing, pitch, dynamics and timing, vibrato and breath. Imagine watching  your pitch on the studio monitor as you sing, or seeing your guitar track against a timing grid and you’ll soon realize how a recording studio is a unique and vital tool to effective and efficient learning.

Songwriting Lessons

Use intervals and melodies to give your songs depth. Learn the elements of composition without losing the feeling that you are trying to convey. Practice improvisation, syncopation, heartbeat and stride, and new rhyming techniques. Find those perfect words and phrases to strike the audience with something fresh, all while keeping a structure that works in mainstream music. Get over writer’s block and find your inspiration again with these key elements to great songwriting.

Recording Studio

Welcome to AB Records Inc. where your imagination becomes audio. This project recording studio is open to all genres of music and levels of musicianship. Whether you’re in a touring band or just wanting to record your songs for fun, you’ll come out of this workspace with not only a commercial grade production, but a deeper understanding of musical arrangement and recording techniques. 
Following your sessions in the studio, you will be given your songs in WAV or MP3 format with which you can proceed to music video production, release party, marketing and online sales!

Music Production Lessons

This program was specifically designed to supply you with everything you need to either work in a recording studio or manage and produce in one of your own. What sets it apart from other courses is that you will also learn about problem solving and multitasking, how to effectively communicate clients, workflow, and the often overlooked creative process.




"Working with Anthony was an absolute game-changer for our music career. His unparalleled talent and expertise took our sound to new heights we never thought possible. From suggesting new song structures to refining every melody, he has an incredible knack for bringing out the best in every one of our band members. Thanks to him, we are now creating music that resonates with audiences worldwide. If you're serious about making your mark in the music industry, Anthony Blaine is the secret weapon you need in your arsenal."

Riot City

""As an older adult with a lifelong dream of one day being able to play the guitar, I was beginning to doubt it would ever become a reality. But I stumbled across Anthony’s project studio, and we hit it off right away. Because of his understanding that I’m a visual learner, and his innovative approach to teaching, I soon found that learning the guitar at my age is not only possible but also incredibly enjoyable. Anthony instilled confidence in me from day one, guiding me through each chord and strumming pattern with patience. Thanks to his expertise and unwavering support, I'm finally living out my musical dreams of playing around the campfire!""

John Allen

“I tried other recording studios who were competent, professional and roughly around the same hourly rate.  But they didn’t have the one overriding quality that I was looking for which is that Anthony cares! He was very helpful with advice and suggestions that gave my project life.  I would, without hesitation, recommend AB Records Inc. to anyone who wants to make an album with a highly compassionate professional that Anthony Blaine is.”

Mister PC

"As a parent, finding the perfect piano teacher for my child was a top priority. From the moment we met Anthony, I knew we struck gold. His offbeat, cool approach to teaching not only captivated my child's interest but also ignited a true passion for music within him. Anthony goes beyond traditional lessons, incorporating fun exercises and creative techniques that make learning the piano an absolute joy. Watching my child's abilities and confidence soar under Anthony's guidance has been incredibly rewarding. I couldn't recommend him highly enough to any parent seeking a unique and inspiring music education for their child."

Sarah Wilson

Meet Anthony, the mastermind behind it all, for a free consultation. Tour the studio, chat about aspirations, or jam out a song together – the possibilities are endless!


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